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Med Team Primary Care Services has built a bank of RCGP trained GPs to provide to prisons to cover the new IDTS (Integrated Drug Treatment System) that is being newly introduced to prisons. Currently we have an excellent success rate. The funds that have been made available by the Home Office to expand and improve the provision of drug treatment within HM Prisons amounts to 17 million. The full roll out of IDTS starts with 17 prisons, followed by a further rollout of Clinical Element of IDTS to a further 28 prisons.

We cover over 52 prisons, often long term, over the last 10 years we have built up a large bank of prison experienced Doctors nationwide.

We ensure all doctors are security cleared. Liase with the PCT with whom the doctor holds their performers certificate, to ensure any clinical weaknesses are brought to our attention and to see if we can assist the doctor with further training needs etc. Ensure their appraisals are up to date and are on a valid performers list.

Even though we provide Doctors Ad Hoc and even long term. A number of our Clients etc, Prison, PCT’s, Out of Hours, Private Sector have found it easier and more efficient to issue us with their complete rotas to service and fill.