Med Team Primary Care Services Ltd
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120 Gower Road
Swansea, W.Glam

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Med Team Primary Care Services are one of the fastest growing medical profession providers in the UK and cater for doctors looking to obtain positions in any region for any length of time. We provide locum and substantive posts to suit every requirement both for the candidate and the client.

We have a team of quality recruiters who have been brought together as a result of their knowledge and experience in the medical profession, who have over 15 years involvement in the medical service field. The team strive hard to provide the highest quality service to both candidate and clients alike. We provide this service by simply having extensive knowledge of the day to day need of both a medical professional and a needy client, gained over many years.

We continue daily to build lasting and professional relationships with a wide variety of medical professionals, which forms the backbone of the company. We understand the ongoing challenges that you face as the market continually changes and strive to keep ahead of all vetting procedures that the industry demands.

Our staff are committed, caring, approachable and more than capable of sourcing any position or candidate you may require. We have established excellent working partnerships with all parties we are involved with.

We are the company that can make it happen.